Sunday, February 13, 2011

Theres rainy day's and theres sunny day's....

For the last couple of weeks its been cold and rainy (and I live in florida, whats up with that?) its only been sunny for a couple days now, I used to HATE rainy days until I was bored out of my mind, so I went outside to take pictures, thankfully it was only mildly sprinkling after a long shower that had gave my yard a good soak. it was reaaaaally pretty even if the sky was really gray. Oh...... you think rainy days are deppressing and gray with no beauty whatsoever? Well, if your thinking that, i'm about to prove you wrong.

The window of my dads truck.

My Camera =)

My families patio/deck where our pool is.

The railing of our pool was covered in rain drops.

The bottom of of a chairs armrest

Puddle =)

 The drainage pipe that bring down the water from the roof. (kinda silly but I thought It was pretty)

 More rain drops on dads car.

The neighbors grass was very thankfull for th rain.

The pool, a little random but pool = water and rain = water sooooo....

Me chillin....

And thats that folks! If you thought rainy days where awful I hope I changed your mind!