Monday, February 28, 2011

Mirror Project

Hey guys! I'm on spring break so i have more time to take pictures! I decided to give myself a project to do and it turned out pretty cool. It was doing a self-portrate with mirrors. I really like how the focus turned out. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My best friend and a lizard named skeeto. :)

Yesterday I gave one of my (best) friends a photo shoot, and I really like the way they turned out, but i'm only gonna show you a pic of her shoes for privacy. :) Also, I rescued a lizard that fell in our pool and he got a mini photo shoot to. =)

Sweet shoes, huh?

What a coaprative little fella'. he just stood there :)

 Gazing in the distance....


 the focus is a little funky on this one...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just when you think you lost it, you find it :)

Hey guys!!!!!!  In my last post i told you i lost my camera, today was the day i go to an art class and they told me i had left it there last week! I didn't lose it after all!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! For the past week i've been wanting to photograph one of our trees that is in bloom at the moment, it is beautiful! And i finally got to!!! this tree isn't green right now, its purple and soooooooo pretty!

Isn't it pretty?????

There are little flowers all over the tree!


I like to lay under the tree and watch all the bees pollanating this beautiful tree!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh no, where did my camera go?????

Obviously by my title..... i misplaced my camera. WOW. i feel really dumb....... so you won't be getting any photography until I relocate it :P You will get pictures sometimes, but there is a difference between pictures and photography.  Anyway, not to keep you bored, i did a couple collages with previously taken pictures with which by the way is an easy (but awesome) editing website.

The gorgeous little girl I babysit. =)

My prettyful friend!

A kind of random one :)

So thats about it! Please pray that i'll find my camera, and trust me, i will not, misplace it again.   

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ultimate Transfer Design Kit!!!!!

Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while... i've been really sick and kinda lazy at that... don't worry i'm feeling much better!!! Anyway, my mom bought be this kit called "Ultimate Transfer Design Kit" which is this inexpensive (but good quality!!) kit that has 100 Iron-On rignstones,  4 Iron-ON "Appliques", 4 pin buttons and 4 Iron-On sheets with patterns on them that you can transfer on to clothes and spice up jeans or a T-shirt, plusssss, they have step by step instructions + care intructions on the back of the box!  The only thing you need thats not in the box is an iron, a heat proof surface, and maybe scissors... Today I gave my jeans a make-over with The Ultimate Transfer Design Kit, and they look awesome!!!!!

The front of the box. (its not thick and bulky, thank God!)

The lovely instructions on the back of the box.

All the awesomeness that comes in the box!

Now back to my jeans. I didn't totally transform them, i just cutesified them, here are the pictures.

Before my jeans were transformed. (they look really fat..... but they are actually skinny jeans...)

I put my name on the front of my jeans, i blurred my last name cause I wanna stay private. :)
 (the dot beside A is a silver rhinestone, there are pink, blue and silver rhinestones it the kit.)

The back pocket of my jeans!

So thats, that! I hope you'll buy the Ultumate Tranfer Design Kit, its inexpensive, easy, fun, and cute!

(If you ever have a product that you want me to review, just comment telling me the the full name of the product, and if possible the brand,and i will see if i can do a review! one more thing, this particular kit didn't have the its brand name on the kit)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Theres rainy day's and theres sunny day's....

For the last couple of weeks its been cold and rainy (and I live in florida, whats up with that?) its only been sunny for a couple days now, I used to HATE rainy days until I was bored out of my mind, so I went outside to take pictures, thankfully it was only mildly sprinkling after a long shower that had gave my yard a good soak. it was reaaaaally pretty even if the sky was really gray. Oh...... you think rainy days are deppressing and gray with no beauty whatsoever? Well, if your thinking that, i'm about to prove you wrong.

The window of my dads truck.

My Camera =)

My families patio/deck where our pool is.

The railing of our pool was covered in rain drops.

The bottom of of a chairs armrest

Puddle =)

 The drainage pipe that bring down the water from the roof. (kinda silly but I thought It was pretty)

 More rain drops on dads car.

The neighbors grass was very thankfull for th rain.

The pool, a little random but pool = water and rain = water sooooo....

Me chillin....

And thats that folks! If you thought rainy days where awful I hope I changed your mind!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Garden of growing things.....and some other stuff XD

Hi guys!!!! Todaay is thursday, every thursday a bunch of friennds come over and hangout. on thursday i pick a carrot or 2 from my little garden. Today when i pick one carrot it turnd out huge!!!!! not long but reeeeeaaaally fat! I wondered why they're was so much green for one stinkin' Carrot! I relized i had grabbed 2 other little stinkers by accident...
My little cuties!

Isn't the biggest one fat?

They made a nice treat for my friends =)

The big honken greens

And then my brother and our frind had and incredibly silly slow motion fight with juggling clubs.....XD




Har, Har, Har!!!!!


There you have it folks, i luv life