Sunday, April 10, 2011

What Heaven tastes like!

I tasted heaven this morning, they are these yummy little red velvet cake pops covered in chocolate! Yummmmm.......

Before.... Love at first bite!

After... Disappointed of the yummyness gone.... :( 

Try to make your own! I bet they won't be as yummylishous as these, but they'll be good!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well, the rain has come and gone and sunshine stays in its place

Allas, i have no pictures today... but i have news! there was a huge tropical storm in my area annnnnd a tornado!!!! AHHHHH! don't worry its come and gone but its left its mark, a bunch of trees have fallen and one poor woman was injured when a tree fell on her house. Please pray for her. But thankfully the Florida sun shines bright again! Also what did you do for april fools???? i hid all the lunchboxes at my Co-op/School, and superglued coins to the side walk, :D