Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Edited Photography :)

So if been really getting into photography lately, and i found this great editing website! Its awesome! Its totally free, unless you want a premium account. here are some of the black and white/color pics i edited with this website!

My kinda silly but awesom friend Micah.

Another one of my friends, isn't she just gorgous?

My bro's basketball

My brother and me.

hope you guys enjoy!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

First Drum Lesson!!!!!! Yay!!

I got my first drum lesson tonight!! I am very excited.  My teacher has been playing for about 40 years, hes amazing at playing the drums! I learned some warm ups and teqniques. I have to practice at least 15 minutes a day, once or twice times a day, preferably twice. here are some pictures!

My amazing drum teacher!

My Drum pad to practice on. :) :D :P XD

My sticks. (and a camera that didn't want to focus)

My Drum books, Drum Method and Stick Control

Yay! I plan on practising daily, and prayers on diligence would be apreciated :)

Christina Grimmie!

Ok, So there is a girl on you-tube that is AMAZING. She's so good, Selena Gomez asked her to open for one of her concerts. Here are some of her covers.

Just A Dream by Nelly, well, a cover of it ;P
                                                                                         Christina Opening for Selena Gomez
Back to December by Taylor Swift
I hope you guys like her, I think she's really talented!!

Did I mention I LOVE Asian Food?

Hi Guys!! I made a yummy stir fry today! mmmmm! :)  There is a store in our town that sells all sorts of Asian food.  We bought some mung bean noodle that look like this.

So I put em' in some water and boiled them until they were soft, while they were boiling I shredded some Zuchini and Carrot. I put the noodles, Carrot  and Zuchini in a pan and put soy sauce and a really yummy Asian chilli suace thats sweet and spicy. 
Looks yummy huh?
                                                 I just luv me some noodles ;D (I know... i look crazy)