Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Garden of growing things.....and some other stuff XD

Hi guys!!!! Todaay is thursday, every thursday a bunch of friennds come over and hangout. on thursday i pick a carrot or 2 from my little garden. Today when i pick one carrot it turnd out huge!!!!! not long but reeeeeaaaally fat! I wondered why they're was so much green for one stinkin' Carrot! I relized i had grabbed 2 other little stinkers by accident...
My little cuties!

Isn't the biggest one fat?

They made a nice treat for my friends =)

The big honken greens

And then my brother and our frind had and incredibly silly slow motion fight with juggling clubs.....XD




Har, Har, Har!!!!!


There you have it folks, i luv life