Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No I'm not in Japan...... but I have a school project due on friday, i have to do a brochure on Japan!  Two of my friends (they are twins) where born in Okinawa Japan! How cool is that? Their mother is my Geography teacher, and since she knows all about Japan, my brochure is gonna have to be spot on. Oh boy...  i just wanted to share some fun facts about Japan with ya'll.

1.      Some men in Japan shave their heads to apologize

2.      Tokyo has had 24-recorded instances of people either killed or receiving serious skull fractures while bowing to each other with the traditional Japanese greeting.

3.      The term karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese.

4.      Ovens are not very common in Japanese kitchens.

5.      It was customary in ancient Japan for women to blacken their teeth with dye, as white teeth were considered ugly. This practice persisted until the late 1800's.

6.      It is not uncommon to eat rice at every meal, including breakfast.

7.      There are around 1,500 earthquakes every year in Japan.

8.      Sometimes the trains are so crowded railway staff are employed to cram passengers inside.