Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My bro is 17!!!

Just in case you don't know,  I have three big brothers,  Josiah(13), Mikey(16), and Paul who turned 17 today. (Mikey and Paul are 11 months apart, and they're birthdays are in the same month)  Paul goes to community college, and he wanted chocolate chip pancakes for his birthday, so we decided to have chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

Paul's special P pancake, (made by me:)
Making pancakes with my lovely mom, i didn't get a picture of us by the way :P
 Paul, holding up his pudding bowl...being a lovable dork <3
I just love this picture! Paul is holding up his monogrammed pancake while Mikey is being... himself actually. I am so lucky for my brothers!

This is me being silly. Haha!
This is Josiah saying "This pudding is AMAZING!" Oh how I adore him. :D  He makes my day in very odd ways. 
I love maple syrup!

In case you were wondering, that's the pudding i was talking about earlier.
This is Mikey exhausted from eating so many pancakes. XD

God has blessed me with the big brothers that I have!  I love you Paul! Happy Birthday!