Monday, August 29, 2011

3 ways to shiny hair!

So I'm kinda in the mood to do a beauty blog today.  So I'm  going to show you how to get shiny healthy hair with things you probably have or a can do in your house. :)

1.  Vinegar.

It sounds really weird I know, but vinegar makes your hair SO shiny!  If you spray some vinegar into damp hair and rinse it out after 5 minutes, you will have shiny, beautiful hair!

2. Don't wash your hair everyday.

 Washing your hair everyday takes out Your hairs natural hair oils, the oil in your hair is what gives it shine.  Wash your hair every other day or every third day. 

3. Avocados and bananas 

Avocados and banana hair masks every once and a while will help especially with dry hair to add that moisture and umf back into dry hair, when your hair is moisturized, it becomes more shiny.

That's about it for today folks, check back soon!