Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ultimate Transfer Design Kit!!!!!

Hey guys!!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while... i've been really sick and kinda lazy at that... don't worry i'm feeling much better!!! Anyway, my mom bought be this kit called "Ultimate Transfer Design Kit" which is this inexpensive (but good quality!!) kit that has 100 Iron-On rignstones,  4 Iron-ON "Appliques", 4 pin buttons and 4 Iron-On sheets with patterns on them that you can transfer on to clothes and spice up jeans or a T-shirt, plusssss, they have step by step instructions + care intructions on the back of the box!  The only thing you need thats not in the box is an iron, a heat proof surface, and maybe scissors... Today I gave my jeans a make-over with The Ultimate Transfer Design Kit, and they look awesome!!!!!

The front of the box. (its not thick and bulky, thank God!)

The lovely instructions on the back of the box.

All the awesomeness that comes in the box!

Now back to my jeans. I didn't totally transform them, i just cutesified them, here are the pictures.

Before my jeans were transformed. (they look really fat..... but they are actually skinny jeans...)

I put my name on the front of my jeans, i blurred my last name cause I wanna stay private. :)
 (the dot beside A is a silver rhinestone, there are pink, blue and silver rhinestones it the kit.)

The back pocket of my jeans!

So thats, that! I hope you'll buy the Ultumate Tranfer Design Kit, its inexpensive, easy, fun, and cute!

(If you ever have a product that you want me to review, just comment telling me the the full name of the product, and if possible the brand,and i will see if i can do a review! one more thing, this particular kit didn't have the its brand name on the kit)